LoopJam Download statistics

Did you know that pretty much people like you like LoopJam ?

Check out the worldwide LoopJam user statistics


Latest stats (06.03.2013) state a total number of 7.065 downloads since launch in december 2012?

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2 thoughts on “LoopJam Download statistics

  1. Hello,
    It seems that the little French tutorial was effective!
    Perfect software to make custom audio loop with incredible effects.
    Thank you to you again for this free software.
    Cheers and long life to LoopJam.
    Kind regards,

    • Hi,

      thanks again for creating the French tutorial and your appreciation for LoopJam.

      I like your videos & channel as you create very valuable content for others for free.

      Thanks to your tutorial more and more people are introduced to LoopJam
      and additionally downloads raised significantly around that time. 🙂

      Hopefully other users find that inspiring and also start creating a tutorial in their language
      and help our free remix software getting more popular.

      Kind regards,

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