How can you contribute to LoopJam ?

There are many ways you can support LoopJam and contribute to the popularity, development and design of upcoming versions.

Become a part of the LoopJam Community and share your passion for (making) music!

Help LoopJam to become more popular by sharing it via facebook/your blog/Twitter.

Create a little Youtube video showing how you use LoopJam to spice up your loops and remixes.

Share 1 of your songs via LoopJam’s Soundcloud dropbox.

Create a LoopJam tutorial for example in another language (German, Spanish, …). We’ll feature it on all our channels.

You can contribute a cool Logo or a nice design to our website.

AltPayPal donate for LoopJamernatively, if you cannot contribute in any of these ways but still want to support the development you can make a donation to demonstrate your appreciation for LoopJam and the work and time the developer invests in designing, programming, testing, documenting, providing, promoting and supporting the software for you for free.

Please contact us at:

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