Development Cost

Why do we share insight in our costs?

We want to raise awareness that freeware software also produces costs (developers, designers, office…) like any other product. The facts summarized below give you an idea of how much time, money and love has been spent (and earned in return) in the development of LoopJam, .

Pos A.: Learning Python & C:

8 weeks:
5-6 days/week
6-8 hours/day
Sum: 8x5x6 = 280 hours á 10 € (lowest possible rate you would get working in a recording studio)
= 2800 €

Pos B.: LoopJam Development:

12 weeks
5-6 days/week
6-8 hours/day

Sum: 12x5x6 = 360 hours á 30 € (lowest possible rate you would get as a professional programmer)
= 10.800 €

Pos C.: Promotion & Presentation
Set up website, write descriptions, set up sourceforge, social profiles on facebook, spread the word, update information, update screenshots, networking, Twitter, create Youtube tutorial video, Set up soundcloud account.

Total: 100 h á 10€ (ammount you would get doing office work)

= 1.000 €

Pos D.: Love

= invaluable

Total development cost:

Pos A:      2.800€
Pos B:    10.800€
Pos C:       1.000€
Cost:      14.600 €

Money earned from LoopJam:

10 € 0.74 (7.4% Paypal Fee) = 9.26 € (1 Donation)

(updated: 3rd/May/2013)

Please show your appreciation through a contribution or a donation!

I hope you got a realistic insight on how much money and time has been invested to develop our free remix software.
Please support LoopJam and help us keep it freeware. 🙂

Please contribute or make a donation now!

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