LoopJam is currently available for Mac OSX10.5-10.11 and for windows platforms Windows 10 (and previous versions) and WindowsXP.

16.000 downloads in 1 year can’t be wrong. Join the family and become a LoopJammer. Get LoopJam today for only 14,95$ and get 214 GlitchHop loops for free and download our Loop Converter to use any mp3 with LoopJam for free.

Download more free loops here.

Get our free Loop Converter to use any wav/mp3 with LoopJam.

LoopJam Pricing

Mac OSX10.5-10.11:

Download LoopJam for Mac OSX 10.5-10.8

Windows 10 (and previous versions):

Direct link to Download setup_win7.exe

Windows XP:


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5 thoughts on “Download

  1. Is there a download for Ubuntu 12.10 ? Cheers

    • Sorry, at the moment there is no Ubuntu version. If you are interested in porting LoopJam -> Ubuntu I would gladly support the source code or you can extract it from the *.dmg.

  2. Is this available for snow leopard 10.6.8

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