LoopJam review by softonic

LoopJam introduces an innovative concept of playing with sample loops on a slice level – No need for manual editing (LoopJam automatically slices the loop into beat synchronous segments). LoopJam is intended for people who want to play with their music (not just listen to it). Intended users include musicians, djs, music producers, remixers, … read more


“It’s fairly intuitive and fun to use once you get past the initial learning curve. …Although it might not be the most easy-to-use application around, LoopJam’s innovative and interesting features make it worth a try.” (April 25, 2013) read more

LoopJam helps you make sweet music

“Audio loops are a great way to speed up the process of creating your own music, but it can be hard to get the precise sound you need. One possible solution might be to spend an age browsing your favorite online loop libraries in the hope that something turns up, but a simpler option it just to install LoopJam, which can remix existing WAV loops with a click. Launch the program and…” read more

LoopJam review by BedroomProducers

“The program automatically slices loops into segments which can then be re-arranged to create new phrases. It’s also possible to apply effects to individual slices and export the loops in WAV format. LoopJam seems like a pretty simple app suitable for beginners, but I think it could work very well as an inspirational tool for everyone. Take a look…” read more

LoopJam Review: :::: DownloadCrew :::::

“While this is all rather basic, it’s fun and extremely easy to use, definitely worth a look if you’d like to bring new life into your loop library. And the future looks promising…” read more

LoopJam Review by BestSoftware4Download

“…does not require you to access complexities of the program that are not very important in the initial stage. By clicking on the “Jam” button, LoopJam will create a customized set of sound effects into it. It will start to play it or you to hear the final mix results. If there is…” read more

LoopJam Review by

“…There is no need to spend a lot of money on any of those software because there is LoopJam. With LoopJam, you will have access to a software that has nothing to envy to many of the expensive music mixing tools. The application lets you import any sound you wish to mix in a neat and reliable interface. Several effects can be chosen and applied without a sweat. …” read more

LoopJam Review by iLoveFreeSoftware

“Free and easy to understand loop remixing, both manual and automatic. … LoopJam is a very useful tool which can help you out, if you’re interested in mixing and creating unique loops but you don’t know how. Try it out and see how easy it is to mix loops with LoopJam.”

LoopJam Review by LazyHacks

“And once LoopJam will produce one thing close to staying usable (which, in our knowledge, doesn’t take very long) most effective tweak the particular sample to solve any problems, before exporting the final never-ending loop as a WAV record.” read more

LoopJam Review by Sampleria

“Without prior music knowledge anybody can use LoopJam to create some sweet music – 1 click on the ::: Jam ::: button allows you to jump into remixing right away. Download LoopJam and get 10 sample loops for free and start making music today.” read more

LoopJam review on Snapfiles

…apply various effects to the loops, including Reverser, Stutter, LowPass, HighPass, BitCrusher and others,  and simply apply them by clicking on the target frame. If you want quick results, you can use the “Jam” button to create a randome remix of the current loop. You finished loop can be exported to .WAV file. read more


LoopJam en WebNovedad
La idea es que este software se convierta en un medio para explorar el potencial creativo en la música original. … Si quieres resultados más rápidos, te toca usar el botón “Jam” para crear un remix al azar, si es que no tienes el tiempo de añadir audio y mezclarlo con buen tino. leer mas

LoopJam en Descargasya

Los audios que cargamos son divididos en 16 partes, que pueden ser reordenadas manualmente. Si con una variación no alcanza, podemos crear hasta 10 diferentes con muy poco esfuerzo. Además podremos añadir y controlar efectos de sonido de forma rápida y sencilla. leer mas


LoopJam es una herramienta que puede resultar algo complicada al principio, pero practicar es realmente divertido y una vez que te hagas con sus funciones, aparte de divertirte, vas a ver los resultados de tus mezclas. leer mas

LoopJam en Applicaciones utiles

Como su nombre lo indica, se trata de una aplicación para crear loops y remixes con pequeños fragmentos musicales. Los usuarios pueden cargar el audio deseado y modificarlo la cantidad de veces que quieran, para generar un loop exportable en formato WAV. Es una herramienta muy interesante y que puede resultar de mucha ayuda a los amantes de la música. leer mas

LoopJam en neteo

LoopJam presenta sus funciones a modo de módulos; esta característica hace que la herramienta sea sencilla de usar. … Con el botón “fx/slice”, con “fx” controlarás los diferentes efectos de sonido del bucle (reverser, bitcrush, pump, stutter, S&H, halfspeed, lowpass, highpass y bandstop). leer mas

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