Watch the tutorial video and jump into remixing right away.

New: LoopJam Tutorial (French)

Many thanks to DRJ for creating this great tutorial video.

Demo remix created from LoopJam breaks:

Stardust – “Music Sounds Better With You”

5 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. Hi,
    Loop Jam is nice, congratulations
    Two things:
    1) Scene buttons should be differentiated with color between empty/filled state.
    2) Often does not load selected wave sample

    It would also be fantastic to load vst effects.

    • Hi Paolo,
      first of all thank you for your input and your compliments!

      1) Button state: The scene buttons are never really empty since default breaks are automatically loaded on startup.
      But you are absolutely right, there should be a change in button color to indicate “user scenes”!
      Great idea! Will be included in the next version.

      2) Wave sample does not load: I think the problem you are experiencing has to do with un-supported sampling frequency! At the moment
      “only” 16bit/44,1kHz (CD standard) is supported but will be extended in upcoming versions. Please let me know
      if that fixed your problem.

      3) Load VST effects in LoopJam: Great idea as well! Will have to learn the basics of VST programming first… πŸ˜‰
      Do you know VST programming and might want to participate? Or in any other way?

      Thanks again for your ideas.
      Happy LoopJamming!

  2. Hi

    First, congratulations for your work, very nice little piece of software which works great!!!

    But I would have 3 propositions to make it even better:

    – the keys assignements for launching the scenes were thought for a “qwerty” keyboard, but people living outside english-speaking countries (like, for myself, France) have other types of computer keyboards. It would be great to give us the ability of re-assigning the keys – or better, make your software midi-compatible!!!

    – ability to tweak the effects, instead of having fixed parameters

    – ability to integrate LoopJam in a DAW like a VST, or to use it through ReWire-mode.

    I know, I know, it’s easy to ask for, and hard to achieve ! πŸ˜€
    And I’m sorry, I’m no programmer, so I can’t help you…

    Anyway, your soft is already really good fun to use the way it is.

    Best regards

    • Hi Newjazz,

      thanks for your compliments and your feeedback! πŸ™‚

      Assigning keys – single slice playback:

      That’s a good idea, the ability to assign slice playback to keys that fit best. Will possibly be integrated in an upcoming version if MIDI support (my favored improvement) is not implemented first.

      Tweak effect:

      Current version (1.1) allows to set FX Dry/Wet levels manually. Setting further FX parameters will be supported in the upcoming version.

      DAW integration as VST:

      I would love to implement that (or gladly accept help with the implementation) but at the moment I think implementing new features/FX… is more important since loops can easily be exported to your DAW project directory and with 1 drag&drop action be included into your project. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your feedback!

      Happy LoopJamming!


  3. PS: Sorry, I re-read my post, and just saw I made a little mistake.

    In my first proposition, I wrote “launching scenes”, where I meant in fact “playing individual chops”…
    Launching scenes via the NumPad works fine on any type of keyboard.

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